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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Read at the Stamford Times online

Artists Online

By Kara O'Connor

Photo/Alex vonKleydorff. founder Peg Benison.

STAMFORD -- Stamford artist Peg Benison recently created one convenient location where local artists can expose their work and relay information about their exhibits --

"The whole idea behind this site is to have all the information of where to find local artists and their artwork in one spot," said Benison. "That way you can look up the actual location of an artist's show or even call up the artist yourself."

Benison launched the Web site in January, enabling the public to get in touch with artists from Fairfield and Westchester counties without getting lost in the many artist Web sites on the Internet.

"I have been on a few different artist guilds and committees and I came to find that when everyone was trying to get the same information about their work out on their own, it wasn't that effective," said Benison. "It makes more sense to have one specific place to go and see all the local artists."

Meg Farrell, a Silvermine artist who is a member of the Wilton Arts Council, has been on since it first launched, and she says the Web site is a great way for a local artists to get local exposure.

"This Web site is a good way to highlight where your exhibit will be located, so more people can go to it," said Farrell. "I know that I have gotten more participation in my shows from being on this website." is grouped by different categories, such as artist by name, artist by subject and artist by medium, to make it easier for a person to find the artist and artwork they are looking for, said Benison.

"You can go to this Web site and click on artists by subject, and, for example, get all the local landscape paintings you want and where there will be shows for that category," she said. "So many artists have individual studios and individual shows out there, so by grouping all those shows and art together, it will be more helpful for the public and for the artist."

The Web site is updated with new shows and new local artists as interest arises, said Benison. At the moment, there are 10 artists on the site, and Benison expects to get a lot more in the future months.

"It's really important to get this Web site out there and known so the artwork will be seen," said Benison. "The bigger the people the bigger the crowd."

Stamford artist Benice Horowitz, who is also listed on the Web site, says is very user friendly, and it's the best way to quickly find a specific artist on the Internet.

"This is such a convenient way to narrow down what your looking for instead of wading through a bunch of names," said Horowitz. "I am very passionate about what I do and I am glad my artwork won't be lost among thousands of other Web sites." will mainly help local artists keep in touch with the community, said Benison.

"I think once this Web site really takes off, people will realize there is a lot of artwork out there that they never knew about before," said Benison. "Local art is important because it's right there. I think this Web site will increase individual interest in local art and I think that is very important."



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