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Viorica Ghetu-Vuono
Artist in Fairfield County, Connecticut
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The artistic interplay between color and texture has a strong influence in my work. I began my earlier career in fashion fascinated with all the hues, tints, shades and combinations of textiles. My fine art applies these influences with my love of the narrative, nature, and the abstract.

In narrative, I research the history of my adopted country, the United States, where I became a citizen in January 2015. I use a mix of mediums and the artifacts that I have been collecting, period ephemera (i.e. newspapers, magazines, letters and trinkets). It gets integrated into the art to highlight its historical nature.

Nature, in its diverse organic forms, always inspires and I express this delight through landscape. I prefer a more traditional approach yet embellishing throughout to better capture “blue skies on Sunday afternoons.”

My abstract work is more personal, using experiences in my life to express a philosophy or a sense of my spirituality through the art. This body of work becomes my very positive inner-most vision of the world. Through collage and mixed media I endeavor to create a tapestry of color and light.

Whether I am telling a story, sharing my appreciation of nature, or imprinting my innermost feelings, I attempt to communicate and energize the viewer, if even for a fraction of time to feel and see what I see.

Artist's Statement-Viorica Ghetu-Vuono


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