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Area Artist®  Testimonials

Thanks to the high visibility and promotion affords artists like myself, I have received many requests for commissions. Though not all work out; some do, like my latest for a husband wanting to gift a painting for his wife's birthday of her father who recently passed away with her young son.
Thank you Area Artist.
Norm Siegel

Norm Siegel Portrait Commission Fairfield County CT

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"I love the piece. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much"

Portrait Client
Image Withheld

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"I was just contacted by a small gallery in Connecticut about showing with them next year. They found me on AreaArtist!!!"

Penny Putnam

Penny Putnam Artist in Fairfield County CT

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"I was extremely happy with the recommendation that Area Artist gave me.
... I loved the artist and the installation.  I will use Area Artist in the future."

Lisa S.

"After the birth of our first child I knew I wanted to do something special for my wife to celebrate this tremendous moment in our life. I had a thought that I could somehow replicate one of the first pictures of the three of us together and get a print for our wall. I checked out some online places that make canvas prints and fancy posters yet none of the products I saw felt right, this moment was too important for us.

It was then that I knew this needed to be done by a professional artist. Knowing nothing about art, like what options are out there and how much does it cost, I went right to Google and typed in "artists in CT". The first link I clicked on was for a site called, and my search was essentially over. The site gave me an opportunity to look at the work of numerous artists by both subject matter and medium.

While looking at the site I quickly became attracted to the work of Peg Benison, I felt a comforting connection to the portraits she had created. Through I was able to get Peg's contact info which led to an initial email and phone call to discuss what I was looking for. Long story short, her work was so wonderful and the keepsake she created for our family was so beautiful, I had her recently complete another piece celebrating the birth of our second child! We proudly hang the art in our foyer, it is the first thing you see when you enter our front door!"

- Mo M.

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" I am going to be in a small solo show at Harbor Point in Stamford.
I was contacted because of my work seen on!”

-Lynne Arovas

Lynne Arovas Portfolio, Fairfield County Artists
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"It’s not easy to choose the artist that will do the portrait of someone that we love.
After all, we all have a subjective image of people, especially the ones we love.
First I looked through the list of the artist that I know, that my friends know,
that are local and then I went on internet and found the Area Artist site.
Peg Benison portraits were talking to me.
She did an excellent portrait of my mother and my son.
She was able to see and to paint these eyes, these smiles that are so familiar and dear to me.
From the photo, Peg was able to capture that important moment in our lives.
Thank you to Area Artist and to Peg Benison."

-AV H.

View Peg Benison's Portfolio

"I was looking for an artist who could capture the personality and passion for life of my late brother. Area artist was instrumental in helping me find the perfect artist for my very special project. Beyond being merely professional, they were as passionate as I was about this project and showed me several outstanding artists that I never would have found on my own.

Area Artist made the process as easy as pie and took the worry out of everything. Emails/calls were answered very promptly and all information was accurate. My artist Dennis Stevens was able to take a painful loss in my life and turn it into something beautiful to share with my whole family. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Stevens and Area Artist for all their help and will definitely use them again for future projects."

-Elena W.

View Dennis Steven's Portfolio

"Today I sold a large photograph to UConn Health! They are building a recovery wing and are buying art with a water theme to hang in the new wing. Many thanks to, a juried site that showcases and promotes my work, as well as for other artists (that's how they found me!) —a great way to get your work out there! "

Megan Ferrell
View Megan Ferrell's Portfolio

Megan Ferrell AreaArtist UCONN Hospital Art

"In the short time I have been associated with Area artist I have gotten one excellent commission and been invited to exhibit in an upcoming local art event of which I was unaware. I would never have had either opportunity without Area Artist."

Dennis Stevens

View Dennis Steven's Portfolio

As a memorial for their much loved brother and son, the family commissioned a large (40” x 30”) oil on canvas painting. The subject was to include the boots owned by the young man who was an avid outdoorsman. One of his favorite places was Joshua Tree National Park. “I imagined him there at dusk, lying and watching the awesome starry night sky over the tips of those boots”, said Dennis Stevens, the artist.

The smaller (9” x 12”) painting of the boots alone was done, oil on canvas, live in the studio, as a gift to the family.

Dennis Stevens Boots       Dennis Stevens- Joshua Tree Painting

"As you know, I was offered a show at Filomeno & Company after they saw my paintings on AreaArtist. A woman who viewed the show commissioned a painting from me. Thanks again to AreaArtist for another opportunity and commission."

Wendy MacCordy
View Wendy MacCordy's Portfolio

Wendy MacCordy Commissioned Painting

"It is a pleasure working with the folks at Area Artist to find the right Artist to feature their work in our office. It is a win/win as it keeps our walls fresh and helps local Artists get exposure. We look forward to sharing all of the wonderful art with our Clients and Team Members.


Kathryn E. Plourde
Filomeno & Company, P.C.

CPAs - Business Advisors
West Hartford, CT

"I use the AreaArtist website to find artists for the Fairfield County Art Association speaker series, where artists come to give a talk about their work. We had Benice Horowtiz speak recently. The artists have all done a great job.”

Alice Katz
Coordinator FCAA Speaker Series

Recent Speakers

Norm Siegel Connecticut Arts

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Benice Horowitz Connecticut Art

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"I’m happy to say I’ve sold 2 photographs to people who received links to AreaArtist after my portfolio was posted."

David Hurwitt
View David Hurwitt's Portfolio

David Hurwitt Connecticut Photographer

"I am so excited that I have a solo show in the reception area of a corporation in Stamford, CT. I asked how they found me and was told AreaArtist. I definitely feel the website has been so beneficial for me. One of my paintings at holiday time sold off the website and at this recent solo show I just sold a painting. I am grateful to be part of such a beautiful, professional website that gets lots of exposure."

Wendy MacCordy
View Wendy MacCordy's Portfolio

Wendy MacCordy Connecicut Artist

"Sold and delivered and image today that I have on Area Artist. Always good to hear of the success of your hard work."

Craig Perry

"I worked today and loved it! I am so excited and really enjoy working with the children. Thank you so much for letting me know about this opportunity and for connecting me with Kelly. "

Wendy MacCordy
View Wendy MacCordy's Portfolio

Wendy MacCordy Connecicut Artist

"Many thanks, I will give her a call."
Jeannette M.
Contacted AreaArtist for art teacher referral

“By the way, I had another terrific connection thru AreaArtist which may lead me to some new gallery representation. I will keep you posted.

Penny Putnam

View Penny Putnam's Portfolio

Penny Putnam Connecticut Artist

"Wow! Thank you so much. I will contact her and see if she can work with me.
Again, thank you so very much."

Kim G.
Contacted AreaArtist for portrait artist referral


“Let me begin by saying that Peg Benison (Owner,

is one of the most creative and dependable people I have ever worked with.

She had designed several websites for some successful artist friends of mine

and so I contacted her for a website of my own. Her feedback is always helpful

and she has made many suggestions that helped me grow my business as an artist.

Of course from there when she suggested I apply to join I said yes
knowing that it would lead me to connections with other artists and to the
possibility of some business. It worked! I have been contacted several
times thru the site for shows and commissions. It has also led me to a
wonderful business relationship with some great people I would never have
met. One was even around the corner from my studio but he found me on
AreaArtist while shopping for people to show their work in his space.

AreaArtist is a great place to show your work...its an all around good outlet. I recommend it in every way.”

Kelly Mead


“Not only has the website been great exposure for my work, but it has been a great source of information for me. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed about events.

Thanks, again, for all your help.”

Wendy MacCordy

View Wendy MacCordy's Portfolio

Wendy MacCordy Connecicut Artist

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