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David Hurwitt
Photographer in Fairfield County, Connecticut
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The camera lens has changed the way I see.

Before I picked up a camera, some 40 years ago, I never considered myself “artistic,” or able to see the world differently from anyone else. But that changed once I started finding, framing and capturing images that pleased me – and, it turned out, others as well – be they my children, or the arresting faces and interesting places I encountered in our travels.

Now I see patterns, shapes, contrast and colors that – when I can bring them together in the right configuration and proportion – produce art that satisfies me and engages others. The skill, and the rewards, come from my ability to lead the viewer’s eye into and through the image, and to enable them to “see” more than they would have had they been there.

My camera also forms a connection between me and the people I photograph, even for a moment, regardless of culture or language barriers, and magic happens when this bond is evident to the viewer.

An image succeeds if it makes viewers curious about the person or place, and makes them feel, even for a moment, that they’d been there too. My camera lens has become a “fresh eye” through which I can share my vision, and my art.

Artist's Statement- David Hurwitt

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