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Anna Badini
Artist in Fairfield County, Connecticut
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Artist’s Statement

I studied Drawing in Italy before coming to the US at age 16, then continued, at first as a way of recapturing and representing figuratively the things I left behind and missed, then to savor what I discovered and experienced in America.

After training and practicing as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for many years, the call of the unconscious pulled me back to my own artistic expression which, in the past several years has become my principal, passionate, professional and personal involvement.

I find that the boundaries of psychology and art overlap significantly, feed, augment, stimulate and enrich one another in an exciting process leading to revelation of something I had not noticed or understood or experienced before, to underlying notions and beauty. I am always eager to see what will show up on my canvases, as I may begin with an intention but am soon compelled to follow the lead of the nascent art, and I obey the instinct to make spontaneous gestures, place innovative marks and unanticipated colors that “must” go there, until “it” emerges as something new in this world. My work is becoming increasingly abstract, as I seek light, space, and a spiritual connection with the universe or, alternatively I explore the underlying, the hidden, the interior, the micro world. When a painting is done I discover something more about my inner self. I hope that my paintings resonate with the viewers and their inner selves.

Following the brief training I received in Italy, I continued as a self-taught artist. I learned from some very good teachers in New York, where I lived, until I enrolled in classes at Silvermine School of Art .

Anna M. Badini

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